Your Wish is Our Command… The Gemini 52 SuperSport

By Dave Meilahn

The 52-foot Gemini SuperSport takes the concept of a power catamaran to the next level. This boat looks sleeker than the old style catamaran’s bow-legged approach of two hulls with something that bridges them in the middle.

One of our purposes was the aesthetics on the exterior of the boat – and we think we accomplished that. Only from the bow can you actually tell it’s a cat, and don’t know from the other three sides.

When you go below deck, you have no idea that you are on a catamaran. We were able to remove that sense of walking down the tunnel, then having to climb down steep stairwells into each hull. Our boat is laid out in such a way that it is extremely functional, and at the same time very pleasing. It just has a nice interior atmosphere.

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