Whisper Yachts Unveils a New Range of Eco-Friendly and Autonomous Motor Yachts

Symphony Marine is presenting a highly innovative line of luxury solar-electric motor yachts called “Whisper Yachts.” Born from a reflection on the uses of modern boating with concern for the environment, but not renouncing the benefits of well-being, this 40 to 60-foot range has been designed with the Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design team. Based on catamarans specially designed to integrate the requirements of electric propulsion, they offer the full level of comfort of a large yacht.

Whisper-Yachts are elegantly designed, and the interiors have a modern touch with some striking innovations. The main deck has been treated as a penthouse with 35 m² of space that can be partially or fully opened or closed by sliding glass doors to take advantage of any conditions encountered while cruising. This indoor/outdoor saloon is fully bathed in sunlight with 360° views over the sea.


454 Whispers 4

The design and ergonomics of the exterior layout favor relaxation with sunbeds and loungers on the flybridge, in the forward cockpit and aft on the deck with the two side meridians.


454 Whisper 48

The welcoming bathing platform, with its full-width steps, is a real treat to enjoy swimming and relaxing close to the sea.


454 Whisper 48

The owner’s suite, with its island bed fitted athwartships, enjoys the comfort of a much larger yacht.

Whisper Yachts caters to boaters seeking a yacht with the same luxurious finish found at the most prestigious motor yacht manufacturers while offering much more space, stability and autonomy than a traditional monohull. With silent electric propulsion, navigation is finally possible with just an eco-friendly whispering…


454 Whisper 48 Cabin


454 Whisper 48 Cabin

A first 50-footer from Whisper Yachts is fully developed and is at the marketing stage (first unit deliveries for season 2023). The propulsion and energy management are based on the Deep Blue system from Torqeedo. Two 100 kW shaft-driven motors are powered by 200 kWh BMW batteries.

There is the possibility of temporarily boosting the power to 2 x 120 kW, allowing 18 knots to be reached for a short period of time. The energy supply is provided by 30 m² of solar panels producing 6 kWp, a 13.2 kW shore power connection and a 25-kW back-up generator.


454 Whisper 48

Built in high performance composite materials for perfect control of displacement, Whisper Yachts feature low-energy propulsion. With large areas of solar panels and a large battery bank, the Whisper-Yachts 50 achieves the following:


  • Unlimited range, with zero C02 emissions at 5-6 knots
  • 5 hours with zero C02 emissions at 8-9 knots
  • 8 to 10 hours at 9-10 knots using the 25-kW generator
  • One hour at maximum speed of 18 knots using the 25-kW generator
  • Total independence at anchor with zero C02 emissions


Whisper Yachts 50 Main Specifications:

Length over all – 49.22 ft (15.00 m)

Hull length – 46.26 ft (14.10 m)

Breadth over all – 21.65 ft (6.60 m)

Draft – 2.36 ft (0.72 m)

Clearance – 19.35 ft (5.90 m)

Displacement (light ship) – 15.3 t

Electric motors – 2 X 100 kW (Boost 2 x 120kW)

Back-up generator – 1 x 25 kW (Option 2 x 25kW)

Fuel – 40 US Gal (Option 80 US Gal) – 150 L (Option 300 L)

Water – 2 x 92.5 US Gal – 2 x 350 L

Max/cruise speed – 10/18 knots

Cabins – 3 (option 4)

Crew – 1


Full specifications and detailed technical description on the website: www.whisper-yachts.com



Guy Marchal, an engineer by training, president and founder of Symphony Marine and creator of Whisper-Yachts, spent ten years acquiring technological know-how with some of the major brands in the automobile industry (BMW, Renault, and Toyota, among others) before putting his experience in shipbuilding to good use over the last twenty-five years.


He has worked on large-scale yacht projects (up to 112m megayachts) at Oceanco, Vegayachts, KuschYachts, Burger Boat, and Maiora. Guy also has experience in setting up shipyards as well as in brokerage sales and marketing management. His complementary knowledge allows him to ensure the coordination and cohesion required for the development of this new brand.


To develop a product that is as attractive as it is effective, he chose the Berret-Racoupeau Design studio, which has one of the widest backgrounds in cruising catamarans and is involved in both naval architecture and interior design.


For the propulsion and energy management technology, he called on the support of the leading German company, Torqeedo, and its worldwide service after sales.


For more information, visit: www.whisper-yachts.com or e-mail: whisper@whisper-yachts.com

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