Wave Catamaran Cruiser Yacht Wins the Silver A’ Design Award

It has been announced that the Wave Catamaran design by Roberta Visintin and Cristiana Foytik has been recognized with the Silver A’ Design Award in the Yacht and Marine Vessels Design Category, after rigorous judging by the international committee of A’ Design Awards & Competitions. Roberta Visintin, the creator of the Wave Catamaran project explains: “Thinking about the sea as a world in a continuous movement, we took the “wave” as a symbol of it. Starting from this idea we modeled the lines of the hulls. The second basic element to the project idea was the concept of a living space that has a connection between interiors and exteriors.

Through the big glass windows we get an almost 360 degree view, added to by the glass doors, both of which allow a visual continuity with the outside.”

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