Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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Voyage 480 OCEANVOLT


VOYAGE yachts has taken their popular and most recent model, the VOYAGE 480, to a new level by equipping it with the Silent Electric Autonomy (SEA) integrated network of systems from OCEANVOLT.

While VOYAGE Yachts manufactures semi-custom yachts for the private market, this new VOYAGE 480, which is called "electrified," is joining the VOYAGE Charters fleet in the British Virgin Islands, and will be available in Tortola in February 2019 for vacation rentals as a "bareboat" or with a captain (and even a chef if you like!). Chartering a yacht through VOYAGE Charters is a great way for anyone interested in possibly owning a VOYAGE yacht to try it out first. For more information about their charter program, visit: http://www.voyagecharters.com

This electric version of the VOYAGE 480 uses twin electric motors for propulsion and a large bank of batteries to power all is systems and equipment, which includes air conditioning and a reverse-osmosis water desalination plant.

The twin electric motors provide equivalent power to 45hp diesel engines but with no discernible noise or exhaust emissions. The vessel also has a similar motoring range to the diesel engine version of the 480, as its large battery bank has 4 separate charging sources, including a standby DC generator.

Fully automated battery charging requires minimal management by the captain, and also offers remote monitoring and diagnostics.

The electric motors are virtually maintenance free and the standby generator will, if at all . . .

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