Upcycling Yacht Sails: Your Way to Sustainability in Sailing Sports

As sailors we already know that to win regattas your sail has to be in optimal conditions. This is also the reason why thousands of boat owners around the world change their sails every season. And what do they do with their used sails? Absolutely nothing… because Kevlar, Carbon, Mylar and Dacron are non-recyclable materials. But they can be REUSED.

CAPE HORN SAILS is a small family company from Chile dedicated to reusing discarded sails from yachts that have sailed the southernmost tip of the world and have great stories to tell.

We give these sailcloths a second life – mixing them with the elegance of genuine leather with the look and feel of minimalist design – to create unique accessories, such as wallets, eyewear straps, keychain, and coasters.

Cape Horn products are the ultimate storytelling tool, reimagining the world’s most epic sailing expeditions from where two oceans collide at the southernmost tip of the world. Where journeys are so challenging that even today, more people have reached Mt. Everest’s summit than those who have dared sail around Cape Horn.

More than just a product, it’s a constant reminder to challenge your limits, to live your daily life with a sense of adventure and pride wherever you are, just like the fearless sailors of Cape Horn.

Cape Horn was founded by Chilean designer and avid sailor Antonia Undurraga. Feeling that her old sail still had much more to say, she came up with a way to transform discarded sailcloths into beacons of inspiration and courage for others – on land and at sea. Each product has been handmade by local Chilean artisans with certificate genuine leather and sailcloth from racing yachts that have undertaken arduous journeys in the Chilean south. This makes each Cape Horn product unique and different from the next, with quality standards that assure long durability.

Official store for USA, click here: www.amazon.com/capehorn

Official store for worldwide Shipping, Click here: www.capehornsails.com

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