Unlimited C53 Catamarans

The Unlimited 53 marks a new course in cruising sailing catamarans. This is a no-compromise cruising multihull that offers comfort, a roomy interior, seaworthiness and fun. On the other side, it is an extremely professional boat born from the experience of a unique design trio, who are well known for navigation and yacht design skills. The C53 is a real blue water cruising boat that combines stylish and exclusive interiors with all the advantages of an ocean racing cat. This catamaran is more robust, seaworthy and faster than any existing production cat of similar internal volume. Twenty five-knot peaks are not unusual and the boat sails very easily near 20 knots.

The C53 does not fear severe storms and big waves since it is designed to be a non-stop round-the-world racing machine. The hulls are made of hybrid composite sandwich and E-glass and carbon fiber are both employed to constitute lightweight and stiff planking. Multi-axial and unidirectional fabrics are infused under vacuum with epoxy resin and successively post-cured. The inner skin and main structures are full carbon. The bow section and crash box are reinforced with Kevlar incase of collision.

Rigging and appendages are full carbon as well. The mast, daggerboards and rudders are easily able to be customized.

Main features of the C53:

Narrow Deep Hulls Under the Waterline
This allows very smooth navigation in every weather condition, reduced wetted area, and top speed without overpowering the sailplan. Nevertheless, the hull shape offers comfortable spaces above flooring.

Higher Bridgedeck Clearance
The 1.3-meter clearance assures smooth sailing in any weather, with no bumps, less stress on the structures and overall safety.

Centered and Gathered Weights
The engines, generator, batteries, watermaker, battery charger, inverter and tanks are in a low centered position. This assures the best wave passage and increases lateral stability and performance.

Bowsprit Instead of Crossbeam
Adopted from AC cats, the use of a bowsprit offers an immediate stiff response to rigging displacement. It also emulates the longitudinal stiffness of a trimaran’s central hull without the weight increase of an additional hull.

Simple Deck Plan and Closed Transoms
The deck plan is defined by a unique smooth and user-friendly surface that strongly simplifies movement onboard. The deck is totally open and ensures a great sailing experience. Also, the tender is located underdecks abaft the cockpit. This way, the davits are completely unused and ensure a free and flush transom.

For more information, e-mail: vittoriomalingri@gmail.com

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