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Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing was founded in 1989 and has evolved into one of South Africa’s leading custom boat and yacht manufacturing yards, specializing in custom and unique builds. Based in Cape Town, Two Oceans Marine manufactures both power and sailing catamarans ranging from 7.3 meters to 25 meters in size – for cruising, leisure, day charter and commercial use.
With 29 years of experience in quality boat building, the staff and production team at Two Oceans Marine are actively involved in all sailing, boating, fishing and water sport activities and share a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of the sport – and the boats used.

Custom boat building specialists
Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing specializes in custom and unique builds and offers the full range of services needed when buying a custom boat, from conceptual design to mold and plug building to turnkey projects.

The company has 4,500 square meters of covered factory floor space on two different premises, one in Cape Town harbour and the other located 3 km from the harbour. The factory can accommodate vessels of up to 40 m in length and is ideally situated in the Cape Town Port, close to launching and berthing facilities, and the ocean for extensive testing of the boats.
Potential clients can fly to Cape Town, sea trial the vessel of their choice, visit the factory to witness the building methods, and the materials used in production, customise their choice of vessel, and then fly home on the same day.

Open Ocean 750 Expedition CatamaranTwo Oceans Marine Manufacturing’s boats are all designed by world-class naval architects to be comfortable and ergonomically friendly in every way. Boat layout and interior design is customized to the customers’ needs. The sailing and expedition catamarans have beautiful lines and easy-flowing interiors with all the modern appliances one could need, making them comfortable and luxurious on-the-water homes for their owners.

Corporate social investment and community focus
Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing is a company that believes in contributing towards developing communities where possible, and the best way to do this is through the world of boating. Among other projects, Two Oceans is proud to be contributing to the Cape’s fishing communities through getting involved building subsistence fishing skiffs.


Luxury sailing catamarans

Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing has become a premier manufacturer of custom designed and manufactured luxury sailing catamarans. Designed and built to cruise the world and customized to suit the owners’ needs, these catamarans are expertly built with flawless finishing. In the past few years. Two Oceans Marine has launched the Open Ocean 650 Luxury Sailing Catamaran and the Open Ocean 750 Luxury Sailing Catamaran.


Performance sailing catamarans
Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing is one of South Africa’s premier manufacturers of safe, seaworthy and robust catamarans capable of withstanding the toughest of ocean conditions. In addition to customised cruising catamarans, the company also specializes in performance sailing catamarans – on the water comfort combined with sailing performance and speed.

Currently in production is Two Oceans HPC 82 High Performance Catamaran, an 82-foot full-carbon performance sailing catamaran. Recent launches include the M60 Full Carbon High Performance Sailing Catamaran and the Balance 760 Performance Sailing Catamaran.


Luxury expedition catamarans
Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing specializes in the manufacturing of custom-designed and built expedition catamarans.
In the last few years, two 75 foot and two 80-foot luxury expedition catamarans have been launched, and in production is the Open Ocean 850 Luxury Expedition Catamaran. The Expedition Catamaran Range are robust yet luxurious, comfortable and functional for living aboard while chasing perfect fishing or kitesurfing conditions, surf or dive spots, or that perfect holiday destination. Powerful and fuel-efficient engines provide the capability to motor long distances across oceans.


Day charter catamarans
Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing is proud to design and build day charter catamarans. The Day Charter Catamaran Range is customized for luxurious and comfortable day charters.
In 2017, the Balance 690 Day Charter Sailing Catamaran was launched, and in currently in build is South Africa’s largest composite power catamaran, the Two Oceans 110 Day Charter Catamaran.


Sport fishing, leisure and commercial catamarans
The Magnum Power Catamaran Range from Two Oceans Marine has many custom leisure and commercial applications. Built to withstand the rough seas in Cape Town, the Magnum Range are stable, robust, comfortable and functional – and highly customizable.
Two Oceans Marine also specializes in highly customized sport and game fishing boats, designed to the customer’s specifications.


Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing’s product range includes a range of commercial applications. The broad variety of hulls manufactured by Two Oceans Marine are all able to be adapted for commercial use – this is a straightforward, quick and cost-effective process.
Examples of successfully completed commercial projects are survey boats, fishing boats, ferries, patrol boats, water taxis, charter boats, fishery research boats and pollution control boats. Two Oceans Marine’s Commercial boats can be found in South Africa, Angola, Kenya, Gabon, Madagascar and Tanzania – to name just a few.
Two Oceans Marine’s Commercial Customers include South Africa National Parks, the SA Navy, Shell, Indian Ocean Charter Operations, The Natal Sharks Board, The United Nations and Exxon Mobil.

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