Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Two Fold with Cat 2 Fold

Two Fold with Cat 2 Fold

Having spent most of my adult childhood messing about in the mountains of western Wyoming; skiing, biking, hiking, climbing, music festivating, etc...  It came as a bit of a surprise to all my friends, family, and even myself, when I decided to go all in, and purchase a sailboat to go cruise tropical Mexico and leave 40 years worth of hardcore winters behind. Sailing had never even entered into my thoughts, besides some late night pipe dreams with some slightly experienced friends, until I was in my mid thirties, when I met my, now, ex-wife. Over the course of our first few years together, we chartered boats a handful of times in the Caribbean and the Great Lakes. I had never experienced such a cool and amazing way to visit such beautiful places before. With so many miles traveled in my past aboard a bicycle, laden with everything I needed to live, it wasn’t long before I was fully afflicted with desire to live aboard a sailboat and travel the world. But, with my wife having no desire to sail for more than two weeks at a time, the beginning of the end for us was starting to be written on the wall.

I continued to absorb everything “sailing” that I could. Spending hours and hours online from our mountain home in Victor, Idaho, I learned everything I could possibly learn without actually being on a boat. Enjoying high tech, comfort, and speed, naturally I gravitated towards multihulls . . .

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