The Worrell 1000 Race Returns in 2021 with a 15-Boat Roster

They said it couldn’t happen. They said that the Worrell would never again be the revered event it once was. So – the Organizing Authority, made up of former Worrell Competitors, Race Officials and a few “fans” started planning its comeback for 2019. And even as the start date loomed and the naysayers speculated that it wouldn’t be run with just three boats registered – it HAPPENED. And what a hell of a time it was!

The Organizing Authority knew that if they could just make that first race a reality, the event would catch fire again. And at the awards ceremony in Virginia Beach in 2019 the official announcement was made – The Worrell would return in just 2, short years.

The next race is scheduled to take place from May 10th to the 22nd. And with under a year until the 2021 event, the registration list has reached the entry cap of 15 teams with Nations from around the globe represented:

USA – 10 Teams

Australia – 2 Teams

The Netherlands – 1 Team

Germany – 1 Team

France – 1 Team


The event will be run on boats in the Formula 18 class, launching from and finishing on select beaches from Hollywood, FL to Virginia Beach, VA. It’s 1000 miles of offshore sailing for the most daring and capable sailors. There will again be overnight stops at 13 different locations up the coast, and this year, there will be a large banquet ceremony with a special sportsmanship/memorial, perpetual trophy awarded in honor of Sandra Tartaglino – a past, multi-Worrell competitor who we lost much too soon in 2019.

Checkpoint and logistical planning are well underway and the response from hosts, well-wishers and public officials has been enthusiastic and heartwarming. Our coverage of the 2019 event had worldwide reach with our Social Media pages exploding with followers, tuning in to watch the starts via our daily live feeds. We’re excited to expand the coverage on the beach, on the water and to bring the sailors’ stories to you in a way that feels personal. Stay tuned – this is gonna be GOOD.

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