The Wheelchair Accessible HH44 OPEN Catamaran

The HH44 OPEN has been designed by HH Catamarans in collaboration with the Disabled Sailors Association (DSA) of the UK specifically for their clients. The DSA clients seek independence, dignity, and the ability to compete with able-bodied sailors. The HH44’s innovation and careful design enable the disabled sailor to easily get on and off the boat, down into the hulls with full chair turning room, and up onto the side decks and foredeck.

Working directly in the UK with Mike Wood, founder of the DSA UK, Naval Architect James Hakes has created an outstanding design that encompasses everything required in a stunning new look that will once again set a new benchmark in the industry.

The salon is huge at 31sqm, with customary HH luxury furnishing and modern styling. At the forward end of the salon an internal helm station offers complete weather protection and is ergonomically configured for full helm and sail control from a wheelchair. At the aft end of the salon is a complete working galley.

Aside from the striking looks this catamaran OPENS up so that the apparent breeze flows through, giving the sailor an outdoor feeling. The two large forward salon windows tuck away, there’s an impressively large opening sunroof, the side windows slide forward to open, the salon entry doors open into the cabin top, and a large opening safari window at the aft end of the salon will make cooking at the galley while facing aft a new sensation.

The HH44 OPEN will come with the same performance and luxury that the HH line has become recognized and awarded for. Performance tuning and VPP development for the daggerboard and rudder design comes from KND Sailing Performance. At only 9000kg displacement, a 19m carbon mast and carbon longeron with generous sail plan will ensure quality sailing even in light air.

Regarded as one of the absolute best catamarans in the world for luxury performance cruising, the HH44 OPEN represents a first for the disabled sailing community, with an entirely new design built around comfort and ease of use from a wheelchair. Stay tuned, however, as the HH44 for able-bodied sailors wanting to go blue water sailing in safety and speed will be released next month.

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Hudson Yacht Group, established in 2007, is a modern, wholly owned, purpose-built yacht manufacturing facility. HYG’s flagship brand, HH Catamarans, delivers state-of-the-art, carbon fiber, high-performance cruising catamarans for a discerning clientele seeking an exceptional ownership experience. The semi-custom line is the culmination of the skills, dedication, passion and expertise of the multi-faceted team behind the brand. HH Catamarans builds innovative luxury yachts with unmatched performance and pedigree.

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