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Marsaudon Composites has been building and marketing a range of high-performance catamarans since 2014 under the names TS42 (42 feet, 18 boats) and TS50 (50 feet, 10 boats). This range has acquired a very solid reputation both as a sailing cruising catamaran but also as a racing catamaran.

Last October, the yard changed the name of its range of catamarans to Ocean Rider Catamarans or ORC for short. As the reputation of these boats grows outside of France and Europe, it is now essential for Marsaudon Composites to operate under a brand, which is understandable on an international scale, but which also better matches the DNA of the different models. From now on, Marsaudon Composites communicates and sells its catamarans under the name ORC42, ORC50 and the new ORC57.

The ORC50 and ORC42 are high-performance cruising catamarans designed by Christophe Barreau and have established a solid reputation as regatta winning catamarans, predominantly in France. In the past three years, there has been an evolution in the demands of potential future customers from around the world. This evolution has shifted the market from a typical charter catamaran to a higher performing catamaran. As high performing catamarans, both the ORC50 and ORC42 have the following common characteristics:

  • The lines are recognizable by their specific design. This gives the impression of lightness and power of the yacht
  • Light weight and structural quality of construction. This gives them exceptional sailing speed for cruising catamarans
  • The unique sensations in navigation. This is where pure sailing and adrenaline are mixed in complete safety when sailing
  • The refined interior style. Each of you will find what is necessary for long and comfortable sailing adventures

Wheel Helm 3 - ORC57 - Multihulls Magazine

 A New Model: ORC 57

The ORC57 catamaran is the result of a two-year collaboration between Marsaudon Composites and Marc Lombard Yacht Design. Throughout the creative process, the designers kept to the philosophy of “Keep it simple, then add lightness.”

There’s a choice of double tillers for direct steering like you will see on the smaller boats or twin aft wheels for helms.


Tiller 1  ORC57 - Multihulls Magazine


The main characteristics of the standard ORC57 attests to the designer’s desire to continue the development in the segment of high-performance cruising catamarans. Faithful to their principles, the interior of the ORC57 retains the characteristics that make the boats light and very fast. With the use of visible composite and a minimum of lining, they have all the necessary equipment for long sailing voyages.


 ORC57 - Multihulls Magazine

The ORC 57 takes up the codes of the other models with fluid lines, a coachroof, and a sporty structure for long cruises, and efficient sailing.


 ORC57 - Multihulls Magazine


Personalization of the interior is also one of the pillars that are kept for all ORC catamarans. These choices include: interior design, layout, structure (carbon), fittings, etc.

ORC57 - Multihulls Magazine

Coupe Standard


 ORC57 - Multihulls Magazine

Coupe Pro


The ORC57 will be offered as standard with four large cabins with two beds, which can accommodate nine people. There is a large bathroom and a shower, both with sliding doors, in each shell and plenty of storage space.


 ORC57 - Multihulls Magazine


The primary specifications (standard version) attest to Marsaudon Composites desire to continue developing their ultimate high-performance cruising catamarans:



LOA: 18,4 m / 60.37 ft

Waterline: 17,1 m / 56.1 ft

Beam: 9 m / 29.53 ft

Displacement (light): 11,3 T / 22600 lbs

Displacement (max): 14,6 T / 29200 lbs

Draft: 1,5 m to 4,5 m / 4.92 ft to 14.76 ft

Bridgedeck Clearance: 1,07 m / 3.51 ft

Air Draft: 25,7 m / 84.32 ft

Mast Length: 22,85 m / 74.97 ft

Mainsail: 108 m2 / 1162.5 ft2

Genoa (J1): 87 m2 / 936.46 ft2

Engines: 2 x Saildrive 57 hp

Fuel: 2 x 200 L / 2 x 52.83 gal

Water: 2 x 200 L / 2 x 52.83 gal

Category: A

Architect: Marc Lombard


  • Stratification of composite parts in a female mold using infusion process
  • Sandwich reinforcement with fiberglass and vinylester resin PVC foam core



  • Daggerboards made of fiberglass/ vinylester
  • Suspended rudders on shafts
  • Double Tillers with direct transmission


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