The New IC36 – Go Faster, Stay Safer, Be Independent

Introducing Independent Catamaran IC36

The First time I saw it, I just felt like it was from one of Jules Verne’s adventures. Candid but technically outstanding, old-fashioned but courageous,says Jaromír Popek, the co-founder of Independent Catamaran. And yes, there is a lot of of adventure in our story. We aim to create something new, something really different. And we are doing it at a prototype hall near České Budějovice (Budweiss, Czechia). We have put all our effort into it, a lot of passion and determination too. Some may say we have got to be crazy to invest our own money into a project like this. But at the end of the day it’s like making a dream coming true. The dream of creating a product that fulfills three key desires of any adventurer: to go faster, to stay safer and to be independent.

Excitement Delivered with Hi-tech and Top Notch Features

Just our passion and determination wouldn’t have been enough. We needed to create and execute a plan for outstanding construction and design to fulfill our dream. To use the best materials and components. With an attitude of no compromise, the only thing on our mind was to make it perfect: by optimizing performance, putting safety at the highest possible level and providing maximum independence.

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The Drive Technologies Used Are Also Innovative

We have equipped the IC36 with two Oceanvolt lightweight 6kW electric motors with hydro regeneration function. With powerful solar panels (generating up to 1,152 kW), the boat recuperates energy in its 14kWh batteries. While operating under the sails and at higher speeds, it is very effective. It is completely quiet and, for a competent crew, fully energy self-sufficient,” says Popek.

The IC36 is Significantly Different Visually

The dynamically-cut coachroof, with perpendicular glazing and sliding cockpit shading, improves the aerodynamics and the impression of shared space, sunlight and the character of the vessel. In races or inclement weather, the user can fold away the aft solar panels and also uncover the clear vinyls on each side of the coachroof or main glazing in order to maintain low wind resistance. These can simply be re-arranged anytime during the ride, at an anchorage or in a marina. For races, or in harsh conditions, the coachroof can be easily removed to create a streamlined offshore racer,” adds Tomáš Jonáš Janda, co-founder of Independent Catamaran, multihull designer and builder.

Video: IC36_folding solar panels

Eventhough the IC 36 is only 36-feet long, it has a permit to go off-shore and is design A certificated for oceanclass sailing, thanks (not only) to the following key features:

Construction and Design
• Narrow hull profile and wave piercing inverted bows to lower water and wave resistance
• Optimized weight distribution for higher stability (water and batteries near center of gravity)
• Fold-away sun blinds, windows and solar panels to lower windage
• Mast and boom access from the cockpit for faster and safer work with sails
• Unsinkable – due to foam construction and three air compartments

Top Notch Racing World Materials and Components

Thanks to low weight foam construction and race-proven composite materials, the IC36 is faster than the wind, unsinkable and hi-tech classified

Lower weight and higher durability comes thanks to:

– Hi-modulus carbon fiber North Sails‘ 3Di sails, mast and boom

– Carbon fiber front and main crossbeams, bowsprit, cockpit floor, coachroof, tiller, all shafts, rudder and foldable cockpit kitchen

– Collision sections at bottom aft and bows made partly of Kevlar and Dyneema

­– Hulls made of glass fibrer with epoxy resin

  • Penultimate racing hardware from Antal and Facnor helps faster sail reconfiguration
  • Equipped with Oceanvolt System and Solbian solar panels for the best possible performance and partial independence from fossil fuels
  • If necessary, usage ofthelight Honda 2,2 kW GAS/petrol generator helps to quickly restore energy.

Custom Developed Rotating Wing Mast

This is something we are really proud off. Our cooperation with Pauger has led us to successfully  produce a custom rotating wing mast made of hi-modulus carbon fiber to achieve the best possible performance.

  • 20 kgs lighter than competitors (the tube weights only 58 kg)
  • Lightest possible components
  • Textile rigging with anti-torsion stay
  • Top notch materials and components

Safer and Faster Transport

Time is your most precious asset. And we want to offer minimum risk of damage.

Transport by car or container around the world makes the IC36 a one-of-a-kind solution for a multihull of this size. No more time-consuming or potentially hazardous delivery trips.

Block Trailer Transport

You can be completely self-sufficient and save a lot of money by towing your IC36 behind your own car. From its 6,2-meter sailing width, the IC36 dismantles to 2,55 meters, making it legally trailerable by car with a towing capacity of 3.500 kg / 7.716 lb, eg. Mercedes G, Gls, Landrovers, Toyota and many others.

Worldwide Delivery or Transport by 40ft Shipping Container

Imagine how much money and time you can save if you shipped your boat around the world by container, avoiding the hurricane season or wear and tear or damage that can occur during a long passage delivery. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting ready for a Caribbean racing season or looking to explore the vast coastline of Australia, the container option is a very attractive one, that’s not always available to the owner of a high-performance cruising catamaran.


The optimized combination of innovative construction and design, top notch materials and components, Oceanvolt system and Solbian solar panels and the unprecedented transportation possibilities offered by the IC36, result in low weight, high stability, durability and safety. And of course comfortable control. This 36-footer truly brings you the speed, safety and independence. It means that the IC36:

  • Can go faster than wind
  • Can sail 20+ knots
  • Needs only 5 knots wind to go on sails
  • Can sail off-shore for a long time
  • Can be transportedto another place quickly and safely

With no compromise it is ready for your passion, determination, joy and freedom. Explore new adventures with IC36.

Specifications of the IC36 catamaran

Overall length (LOA): 11 m / 36 ft
Length at waterline (LWL): 10,82 m / 35.5 ft
Beam: 6,2 m / 20.34 ft
Bridgedeck clearance: 80 cm / 2.63 ft
Weight: 2.2 – 2.8 t
Draft: 0,85 – 2 m / 2.79 – 6.6 ft
Mast height: 15 m / 49 ft
Mainsail: 42 sqm / 452 sq ft
Jib: 18 sqm / 194 sq ft
Code 0: 46 sqm / 495 sq ft
Gennaker: made upon order

Berths: 6 – 8
Water: 2 x 160 l / 35 UK gallon
Engines: 2 x Oceanvolt 6 kW (Diesel possible)
Transport width: 2,55 m / 8,4 f
Designers: Tomas Jonas Janda, Vladimir Zak, Jaromir Popek

About us

 The Czech company Independent Catamaran s.r.o. was founded by Jaromír Popek and designer Tomáš Jonáš Janda. Both founders have only one goal – to produce exceptional catamarans with a wide range of innovations to help push the boundaries of these vessels.

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