The New Halo Compact Life Raft

The New Halo Compact Life Raft

Superior Life-Saving Equipment’s compact and advanced Halo life raft is designed for smaller vessels or coastal boaters looking to fish, sail or cruise in-shore and near-shore recreational boaters. Each Halo life raft comes standard with an insulated floor, heat-welded seams, and an offshore ballast system that improves durability and safety to provide additional stability on the water.


Halo Compact Life Raft - Side view

Halo Compact Raft ChordFeatures:

  • Vacuum sealed for increased protection against the elements

(Only one in its class)

(Allows for 3-year service intervals in line with the rest of Superior Life-Saving Equipment’s lineup)

  • Heat welded seams for increased durability and a long-lasting service life

(Compared to hand glued life rafts from competitors)

  • Removable insulated floor for protection from hypothermia
  • 4 oversized and weighted, offshore ballast bags
  • Exterior automatically activated strobe light with manual override
  • Bright and highly visible Superior green hull
  • Stainless steel tow ring and hardware
  • Sea anchor and buoyant rescue ring included
  • Easy to transport with weatherproof valise
  • Perfect for when there is not enough room to mount a container
  • Large surface area with room for 4 people
  • 6-Year warranty


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