The Mobile CEO

Moving aboard a catamaran… without quitting the day job

By Kristoffer Stewart

Most people planning to set forth across the world’s oceans to explore different cultures and discover new shores see their ambitious goal set aside while the daily rigors of life take on increasing priority. Raising a family, paying the bills and commuting to and from a place of employment to sit inside an office week after week are hardly conducive to realizing “the dream.” As a result, sailing away usually waits until after the kids are grown and gone, the house is sold and retirement begins.

Others however, choose to plot a different course to reach the dream, preferring instead to cast off the dock lines earlier in life. Weaving the experiences of blue water cruising into the fabric of their young children’s lives is as much a part of the dream for Scott and Mandi Leonard as the lifestyle change is. What it took to get this adventurous family of five out of the doldrums of routine and on the water was a wife’s support, the ability for Scott to reliably telecommute with his successful business from the other side of the world, a little courage and of course, the right boat.

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