Friday, July 19, 2019
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The Making of One of South Africa’s Most Successful Yacht Designers: Anton du Toit’s Story


Anton du Toit’s Story

by Bobby Jordan

For a man who translates billionaire dreams into line drawings, there is something surprisingly understated about Anton Du Toit. One of South Africa's top yacht designers sits opposite me in a K-way sweater and nondescript shirt, framed by yacht designs on a pin-board behind his head. He is calm, courteous, and initially says very little, preferring to listen.

The man with the carbon fiber touch is measuring me, expert that he is, bit by bit and inside out, assessing the dimensions of the job at hand in the same expert manner that explains why his designs are earning accolades faster than a billfish through the Pacific.

One suspects it is a habit that has thrust him onto the prow of global yacht design, where attention to detail requires powers of observation forged across decades of sailing experience. His Balance 526, a collaboration with Multihull Company founder Phil Berman and countryman Jonathan Paarman, won Cruising World’s “Import Boat of the Year” and also “Best Multihull Over 50 feet.” It has more eye-catching features than a Parisian fashion show, and the brains behind it, is finally getting the recognition he deserves.

Even Anton's office is under-stated, as if he prefers to stay out of the limelight. To find him one must navigate a maze of streetlights and curbs in Cape Town's northern residential suburbs. There is no sign in front of his . . .

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