The Joys of Ownership A Captain’s Story

By David Pate

The temperature was close to freezing when Kim and I arrived in Annapolis to join Lumahai as her crew in December 2007. Six inches of freezing snow and ice lay on her decks while she sat tied to the dock. We were both very excited, though it was clear she would need a little TLC before we set sail for the British Virgin Islands. The list of jobs was manageable given the time frame, but chasing down tradesmen and engineers near the holidays was an ongoing saga. At the top of my job list was to get some socks, gloves and a warm hat. Coming directly from a season in the BVI and 85-degree temperatures made us ill-prepared for a month in the snow.

Our first trip on Lumahai was her delivery to Tortola in time for a New Year’s charter. By the time Lumahai was ready to sail, we found ourselves hard up against the schedule. We departed on a clear, crisp evening down the Chesapeake toward the Atlantic learning more about Lumahai as we went. The trip was eventful; while narrowly avoiding a sub-tropical storm north of the Turks, we contended with 43-knot gusts and 5-meter waves. We crossed the bank near Provedenciales at which point the starboard engine stopped working.

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