The Best of Everything: Axcell Yacht 650

By Bruce Barsumian

This product started 14 years ago. I used to live in Fort Lauderdale until 1983, building small boats, before moving to Tennessee. While I was up there running an electronics company, I always had a desire to return to South Florida with a livaboard island boat, but it had to go fast, not look like a boxy catamaran, and had to carry a much larger tender. Most importantly for me, I required it also use smaller engines than anything else.

In order to do that, I developed a patented air–lift hull called HybridAir™. On the side of the boat we have designed distinctive silver gills, which are not just for the engine room. The first four actually allow the lift fans (the blowers) to gather air. This uses hovercraft technology in order to pump air pressure into the hulls underneath. The hulls are inverted “V”s, air cavities, so that when you’re up and running you are riding on a bubble of air that is traveling with you.

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