You can see our article requirements by clicking here.

Thank you for your interest in sharing an article with Multihulls Magazine. Issues are released bi-monthly and we are strictly a digital publication. We have sections within the magazine devoted to industry news, new builds, custom builds, innovative technology, cruising gear, chef’s creations, boat shows and industry related events, charter news, racing, and a classifieds section. Being a digital publication, the format provides us with the creative flexibility to include videos and links to your website.

You can see our article requirements by clicking here.

Publication Rights to Articles/Press Releases

Please note that any article or press release you submit electronically or otherwise to Multihulls Magazine is automatically eligible for publication on our website and/or digital publication. No exceptions.   Once you submit an article for us we reserve the right to publish the article at any time.

What are the deadlines for the digital edition?

  • January/February – January 15
  • March/April – March 15
  • May/June – May 15
  • July/August – July 15
  • September/October – September 15
  • November/December – November 15

What is the general format of a magazine article?

They are very straightforward and follow general content formats found in most publications. They consist of the following:

  • Author name
  • Headline
  • Sub-head
  • Two introductory paragraphs
  • The body (which includes the rest or ‘bulk’ of your article)
  • Article images
  • Author Image
  • About Me
Article length

We suggest that any article you write be no less than 500 words and average around 2000 words. However, we are flexible on these points depending on the quality of the submission. As a basic rule, if you start repeating yourself in an article you know you have gone too far.

Please submit your article as a WORD document.

 What about Images?

We will accept photos that are at least 150 DPI, or large enough that we can resize them without pixelation.

If your images are not a high enough DPI resolution we may ask you to resend them.

If they are exceptionally large, you may have to send only one (or a few) at a time.

Please don’t forget to attach an Author photograph.

Remember: we need at least one good hi-resolution photograph to publish and we suggest you upload no more than 10 high quality photographs in total. These images must not be protected by any copyright. The author assumes full responsibility for use of any image that is not original.


‘About Me’ describes who the author is?

Please include at least one paragraph at the end of your article explaining your background and expertise relevant to your article. This may be important for your article to pass publication criteria.

What happens once I submit my article?

Once the Editor has reviewed your article he may ask for more information or he will make the edits himself.

He will then assign a ‘confirmation date’ to your article including a page number reflecting which page your article will appear.

What is the significance of the field called ‘Special Instructions to the Editor’?

You can give special instructions to the editor at the bottom of the article titled ‘Special Instructions to the Editor’. These could include notes about accompanying illustrations, diagrams or the source of your information.

The Editor will review these before authorizing or publishing your article.

Where will my article appear?

If your article is deemed good enough for publication it will be published in a digital edition. The Editor will let you know which issue your article will appear in.

Once published, you will receive a special code so you can view the issue in which your article appeared.

Who do I contact if I have a technical issue?

Please send your issue to the following email address:

We will make every effort to correct the issue or help you with your problem!


All submissions must be original, unpublished and your own. The author must be prepared to show proof of this to the Editor. The MULTIHULLS Magazine does not condone plagiarism in any shape or form

Our Article Submission Form

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