Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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Special-Guest Editorial: Present, Future and Culture…


by Lex Raas
Mutihull  culture and beyond!
In May of this year I completed my 8th Ka’iwi Channel crossing (Molokai to Oahu) on a six-man outrigger canoe. We experienced 35 knots of wind and 20-foot faces of waves. These canoes are rigged with lashings in the traditional way and I was once again reminded of what amazing craft multihulls are. After 32 miles and 4h 32m we crossed the finish line 10th out of 27 entrants… not bad for a bunch of Florida boys in Hawaii.

It is a compelling question and one that is always on my mind: why did multihull acceptance stall for so many years when they have always provided superior speed and were the craft of choice for the Polynesian culture centuries ago? This is the answer I wanted to discover when I joined The Moorings in 1994.

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