Sunday, September 22, 2019
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SailTimer Audio Tacking Solution for Seeing Android/iOS Screens Out On the Water

SailTimer Audio Tracking Multihulls Magazine

SailTimer Inc. has developed a mobile app interface specifically designed for sailors.

Tablets and smartphones are hard to see out on the water. GPS chartplotters are expensive and don’t have the SailTimer optimal tacks and Tacking Time to Destination (TTD). But what if you could easily get wind speed, boat speed, wind angle/direction and your optimal tacks, and at a low cost?

With no fumbling with an LCD screen you can’t see out in the sun, and your tablet/smartphone safe and dry... This is the launch of a new crowdfunding campaign to build an audio interface for Android and iOS.

With Alexa, Siri and OK Google, we are entering the post-screen world. “Audio changes everything,” as a SailTimer representative commented.

The company will be making an Android version of the free SailTimer Charts Edition app (iOS).

That app gives sailors a quick and easy display of optimal tacks and Tacking Time to Destination.

When using the wireless Sail­Timer Wind Instrument, you just select a waypoint in the app, and presto: your optimal tacks update automatically as your location and wind conditions change.

Both apps will now get an audio interface to keep your hands free while sailing.

What you hear: “Wind speed 7.8 knots. Boat speed 4.2 knots. Heading 192 degrees. Bearing starboard 17 degrees would save 1 hour 12 minutes.” This is a simple message, but it is actually very sophisticated data.

What other product can tell you your optimal tack . . .

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