Rutgerson Solves Known Issues with Reefing of Sails

A gentle way of reefing sails for both the sail and the reefing line is difficult to achieve in an efficient way with the existing solutions on the market. Swedish boat fitting manufacturer Rutgerson Marin has taken on the challenge and has invented a product that solves the problem.

Sailmakers around the world have different solutions for making reef points on their sails; some just pull the reefing line through a Super Ring directly onto the sail, others web low friction rings and others web blocks onto the sail. The problems with these solutions are either that the angle becomes too sharp, which is damaging to the sail and the line, or the solution is too inefficient and time consuming to install on the sail. Since there are so many solutions today, it proves that none are perfect.

This is something that Rutgerson Marin noticed and has come up with a completely new type of product that fits perfectly with the Super Ring. The product is called Quick Reef Solution (QRS) and consists of two parts of a low-friction ring that are screwed together on each side of the super ring and the sailcloth. This makes it childishly simple and quick to install on the sail since no tools are required. The large radius, together with a unique Teflon coated hard anodizing, gives very low friction for the line and is gentler on the sail.


“We love figuring out technical solutions that solve several difficulties at the same time and that lead to new products that are easy and fun to use. It is an extra bonus that the new product QRS is a complement to our existing product The Super Ring,” says Charlotte Rutgerson, Managing Director of the family business on the Swedish west coast.

Other advantages of the product are that the weight is centralized on the sail compared to e.g. blocks that have been webbed onto one side of the sail. In addition, you can choose which side of the sail you want to attach the reef line and it is possible and also easy to change sides. Also, there are no moving parts that can rattle, which gives added value to the appearance and feeling of the sail.

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