Reduce Moisture, Eliminate Mold and Odor with the RiteAire Marine Custom-Installed Dehumidifier

Developed by RiteAire Marine co-owners Ted Reese and Hector Escardo eight years ago, the RiteAire Marine Dehumidification System is the only independent whole-boat solution available in the marine industry that automatically reduces the relative humidity level in a boat’s interior to 40-50%. The EPA and other scientific organizations recommend this low humidity range as a “healthy zone” where mold, mildew, harmful VOCs, and viruses, including the one that causes Covid-19, cannot grow and spread.

“Take away the moisture…take away these issues and irritants that plague many boat owners,” said Reese.



Available for installation in a wide range of boats from 40 feet and up, including megayachts and superyachts, the RiteAire Marine (RAM) Centralized Dehumidifier System works by drawing in moist air through an optimum part of the boat. Its dehumidifier unit(s) lower the humidity in the air by 30% per pass. The system distributes dry air via RAM’s independent ductwork as well as the boat’s own ductwork to the main salon, staterooms and other areas throughout the vessel. The dry air mixes with moist air and recirculates the moist air back to the dehumidifier unit(s). This cycle continues automatically, reducing humidity, moisture, VOCs, odors, mold spores and viruses in the yacht’s indoor air until the set point on the system’s internal humidistat is reached.



RiteAire Marine™ Centralized Dehumidifier System for Boats from 40 Feet to Megayachts Earns Second U.S. Patent


RiteAire Marine is proud to announce that the RiteAire Marine Centralized Dehumidifier indoor air-quality solution for boats was awarded its second United States Patent, U.S. Patent No. 11,091,244, by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on August 17, 2021. RiteAire Marine earned its first patent for the system, U.S. Pat. No. 10,538,302, January 21,2020.


“Our first patent focused on the RiteAire Marine Dehumidification System’s innovative centralized system to control humidity within the interior of a marine vessel. The second patent extends our patent coverage to the method we developed for controlling the humidity,” said Reese. “We are extremely proud that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has recognized the proprietary technology behind the RiteAire Marine system with a second patent.”


About RiteAire Marine

RiteAire Marine was the brainchild of a boat owner looking for a solution to his onboard air-quality issue. The company was co-founded by Ted Reese, a successful businessman and founder of Cadence Environmental Energy, which pioneered a national waste-to-energy technology by solving a waste problem with an energy solution. The owner of a 61’ Viking sportfisherman, Reese frequently would wake up with itchy eyes and a stuffy nose after sleeping aboard. When portable dehumidifiers didn’t solve the problem, he turned to Hector Escardo, owner of Escardo Marine, a boat service provider in St. Petersburg, FL. Together, RiteAire Marine Co-Owners Escardo and Reese developed the boating industry’s first preventive, whole-boat solution to excessive humidity, mold, and odors onboard: the RiteAire Marine Dehumidifier System.


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