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  • Lagoon 630 MY Receives Award
  • Sunreef 74 Receives Award
  • Horizon PC60 Receives Award
  • Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation Announces Grants
  • Windrider Rebrands
  • Windrider Supports Adaptive Sailing

Featured Products

  • Forespar Velocity Whisker Poles
  • Swell Advantage Appr
  • Presto Marine Lift Platform
  • Digital Yacht SmartTrack Express
  • Digital Yacht DTV100 Marine HD TV/FM Antenna

In the Galley:

Meals on Wheels…or Sails

By Jennifer Jolly

Marine Insurance 101:

Sailing to Cuba�

By Anthony Ballinger

Talk with an Expert:

What the Heck is a VPP (Velocity Prediction Program)

By Gino Morrelli

Adoption in France

Hull 1185, Gemini Legacy 35 Avis Alba

By Michele and Daniel Tardy

New Boat:

New Neel 65 Heralds World’s Largest Ever Production Cruising Trimaran

By Derek Kelsall

Article Archive:

Proa and Its Evolution

By Joseph Norwood Jr.


Sailing Stars Encourage Everyone to Make Bart’s Bash The World’s Largest Sailing Event


Extreme Sailing Series

Act 3 – Quindago, China

Multihull Vacations:

Thailand Yacht Charter Investment Offers Best of Both Worlds for Multihull Enthusiasts