Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Privilège Marine’s New Signature Collection


Privilège Marine’s New Signature Collection

In close collaboration with the architects and designers, Marc Lombard and Franck Darnet, Privilège has developed two new sailing catamarans dedicated to cruising – the new Signature Privilège collection – as well as an elegant powered catamaran, Euphorie.

“This is a great first – Privilège has never designed and built three new models of catamarans at the same time! Thanks to our strong partner HanseYachts AG and the very positive feedback from around the world, we decided to offer our customers a new modern line of Privilège. Of course, we continue to produce the well-known Privilège Serie 6 and Serie 7. Thus Privilège has five prestigious models ready to be customized according to the wishes of each customer,” states CEO Privilège Gilles Wagner.

Signature Privilège 580 – Contemporary luxury combined with exceptional performance.
Its sleek design, its promising performance and its square are breathtaking.

With the Signature Privilège 580, we have created the ultimate sailing catamaran that not only inherits Privilège’s genes but also enhances them with performance under sail and elegance never seen before in this dimension.

The Signature Privilège 580 is the first catamaran of this size to allow direct access to the forward cockpit from the owner’s cabin.

Every detail has been carefully studied to provide maximum comfort while achieving exceptional performance.

Signature Privilège 510 – A clean design for more sensations.
A signature by Privilège is a promise . . .

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