Poseidon NDA – Network Data Analyzer

Oceanic Systems Ltd is releasing the latest feature of Poseidon, the Network Data Analyzer (NDA). This feature allows you to troubleshoot the entire network and display all of the data from the entire NMEA2000 system.

Poseidon is the most advanced Alarm, Monitoring and Control System yet. Boasting state of the art vector graphics and PIN controlled user access, this system is becoming renowned for its simple user customization capabilities.

You can browse by device, message or raw data – with simple intuitive controls to access all of the decoded information.

This is the most in-depth analyzer yet, helping you identify any issues that were before more complex to locate.

Poseidon uses state of the art vector graphics with the latest in data presentation techniques to offer breathtaking graphics. The system offers the user the ability to create simply stunning data and control displays and the functionality to import floor plans and beautiful photographs into the system. Poseidon strongly unites style and function.

In addition to the stunning presentation, Poseidon offers a total ease of user configuration, allowing the installer or the user can configure the system to add items as their needs evolve simply, quickly and easily.

Designed to be very quick and easy to install with simple low-cost cables between devices Poseidon reduces weight and complexity. This planned ease of installation ensures the system is functional as soon as it is installed.

The Oceanic Systems’ 5180 is the centerpiece of the Poseidon system, providing alarms, control and monitoring to all of your vessels PLC, NMEA2000 and Oceanic UDP devices.

The 5180 boasts a powerful Quad Core processor, passively cooled and is supported by a high-quality SSD. The system has no moving parts, so it is suitable for harsh marine environments.

With dual CAN, dual Ethernet and dual HDMI, there is no shortage of connectivity.

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