Perfect Balance

Founder of The Multihull Company, Phillip Berman has teamed up with renown New Zealand catamaran designer Roger Hill to launch a new line of catamarans called Balance. Phil wanted to bring a yacht to market that truly offered the perfect harmony of performance and livability.

At Balance Catamarans, Phil and his team of designers,engineers, and builders have been hard-focused on achieving a perfect harmony between comfort at anchor as well as safety and performance underway since the company was launched.

Why? Because Balance Catamarans is not producing charter cats or racing cats, but blue-water voyagers of uncompromising quality. We know that the demands of the sea have not changed since the days of the early Polynesian catamaran explorers and that however fashionable it may be to have a spacious and glitzy yacht, or a head turning racing cat, ultimately our vessels must be designed and built to cope with the worst weather nature can deliver. A catamaran that pounds too hard, or cannot sail smartly into the wind, or that can’t run swiftly and safely before a raging sea is simply not safe. A catamaran that is not easily operated shorthanded, too complex to maintain and sustain, or too cramped to make life enjoyable defeats the entire purpose of voyaging. The Balance team has been listening very carefully to – and learning from – hundreds of catamaran sailors on the features they most want and need in a live-aboard voyaging catamaran. Careful notes have been taken and used in each design so that Balance Catamarans can live up to its mission of restoring harmony to blue water catamaran sailors.

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