Operation Sail it Forward BVI

Welcome to our community on Facebook called ‘OPERATION SAIL IT FORWARD BVI’

Join our group today and stay up to date with real-time posts about chartering and sailing in the British Virgin Islands. Join 3000 + members telling their charter stories, posting video and images whilst on vacation, itinerary ideas, provisioning info, anchorage advice and secret spots not to be missed when on vacation in the BVI.

The Catamaran Company has been operating in the BVI for over 30 years focusing exclusively on Catamarans. Bareboat, Crewed Or By The Cabin packages are some of the specialties we focus on in the British Virgin Islands.

Join our Facebook Community named ‘OPERATION SAIL IT FORWARD BVI’ and share with your friends and family on what it’s like when chartering a catamaran in the most beautiful sailing destination in the world!

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