Oceanic Systems Introduces Poseidon NVR, a Powerful Marine Network Video Recording (NVR) System

Oceanic Systems (UK) Ltd, manufacturer of alarm, display and control systems for leisure, commercial and military vessels, continue to expand their Poseidon system range with the new Poseidon NVR, a high reliability server grade network video recording (NVR) system.

The dedicated system provides full control of a vessel’s security and monitoring, bringing flexible solutions to vessels with more complex security needs. The Poseidon NVR works independently with multiple dedicated CCTV displays or integrated into the Poseidon monitoring and control system displays.

It supports up to 24 cameras and holds a total of 800 hours of footage offering 24/7 continuous recording with an overwriting buffer in place. Selected footage can easily be flagged to ensure it is not overwritten and footage can also be accessed and backed up securely to a laptop or computer.

With the Poseidon NVR, staying in control is easy with simple touchscreen gestures to allow users to view cameras live, replay selected recorded footage and zoom, pan and control camera feeds. Camera display layouts can also be customized to allow the viewing of single or multiple cameras at once.

“We are continuing to push the progression and expansion of our monitoring and control systems. With the rise of vessels needing a fully capable CCTV subsystem allowing for video displays of multiple cameras, our Poseidon NVR is a powerful and reliable solution to vessel security with outstanding features combined with stunning visuals” said Bruce Coward, Oceanic Systems’ Managing Director.

The Poseidon NVR offers incredible power through an 8 Core AMD EPYC processor and 32GB of server grade ECC RAM to ensure superior efficiency and speed. It also utilises PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology to allow each camera to be connected by single cables, simplifying installation and reducing costs.

To find out more about the Oceanic Systems Poseidon NVR, please visit www.osukl.com/poseidon-nvr

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