Saturday, October 19, 2019
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Oceanic Systems’ 5802 NMEA 2000 to VE.Can Adapter


Oceanic Systems (UK) Ltd has launched their 5802 NMEA2000 to VE.Can Adaptor at the request of customers who wished to attach standard NMEA2000 sensors to the highly successful VE.Can network from Victron Electronics.

Housed in a rugged black anodised aluminium case the 5802 is powered from the VE.Can network and provides power and network connectivity to any standard NMEA2000 device.

The 5802 is simple to connect. The NMEA2000 device simply plugs into the standard M12 Micro-C female connector and the unit connects to the VE.Can interface with standard VE.Can connectors. There are two of these connectors so the device can form part of the VE.Can “daisy chain” if required.

The device draws its power from the VE.Can interface, which can be from 10-70 Volts and safely converts that power to the standard 12 Volts at up to 100mA current used by NMEA2000 devices. There is a small green LED to indicate that the power is connected and available to the NMEA2000 interface.

For more detailed information contact sales@osukl.com or visit www.osukl.com

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