O Yachts Class 6 PowerCat

O Yachts Class 6 PowerCat

O Yachts has launched its new Power version of the Class 6. After two years of sea trials the engine version is validated; the “Smart Hybrid” brings together the best of both worlds – electric for a cleaner planet and diesel for the wider range.

Best Catamaran for a Couple

It all started in 2011 when Daniel Levy, CEO of O Yachts, was talking with his friend sailing legend Laurent Bourgnon. They shared the same dream to make the best catamaran for a couple to go on vacation. They both knew they had to offer huge space for living onboard to feel like home; but in the same time were totally against the charter-oriented catamarans that can be a disaster when weather gets strong with huge waves to pass. With the addition of award-winning designer Clifford Denn to the team, they conceived one of the best catamarans that a couple can manage without skipper.

O Yachts - C Spine

O Yachts



The spine concept came naturally as a key for security and to offer huge space. With extra rigidity by design and made 100% of carbon, the wave-piercing device keeps the “nose” up with extra buoyancy and reduces wave impacts.


Electrical System:

The electrical system is entrusted to OceanVolt with a 15kw motor/hydrogenerator associated to a bank of 19KW lithium batteries. The diesel system relies on several engine manufacturers for powers from 80 to 110hp. The large bore diesel block (3.4L minimum) is used for its power at low rpm with a large variable pitch propeller and some secret optimizations.



The maximum speed is 13 knots while the cruising speed varies between 8 knots and 10 knots depending on the load, but with a weight of 11.5T ready to go to sea without any adjustments, the configurations are multiple with 8T of load.


Fuel Consumption:

  • At 12T and 10 knots, the consumption reaches the magic figure of 1 liter/mile.
  • At 15T and 9.3 knots, the magic figure of 1 liter/mile is maintained.
  • At 19T and 8.2 knots, the consumption remains at 1.22 liter/mile.


Propulsion Configurations: 

  • Smart Hybrid: electric 15 KW and Diesel 80 to 110hp
  • Full electric: two electric motors 15 KW or 20 KW and with a battery and generator park according to the navigation program.


Solar and Wind:

The solar and wind panels option is possible for both versions with a 5 KW solar array and/or two wind turbines and/or short carbon mast equipped with a single Gennaker-type sail. One or two specific kite sails (Parlier). A video is available on the website. Routes of more than 3000 miles can be easily achieved.



Photo: Class_6_Entrance_Saloon


Multiple Applications: 

  • Globetrotter version: this configuration is designed for a family wishing to take a sabbatical year.
  • Diving tour: a version to bring divers allows a reduced operating cost and the possibility to reach protected nature reserves thanks to the electric motor.
  • For hotels and resorts: with its 44m2 platform, the catamaran offers all its width for a comfortable XL welcome to hotel guests either by shuttle or for daily outings.
  • Working catamaran: for two years the Class 6 was successfully used by scientists for a marine acoustic whale tracking project in the Mediterranean Sea.

The hull has already proven its qualities as a base for high performance sailing boats.


An example of a perfect day on board of the Class 6 Power:

10:00 am: Departure from the marina with both engines. Batteries 10Kw (half full). Leaving the harbor, the skipper switches the electric motor off which converts it into a 4kw hydrogenerator. After two hours, the batteries are full again.


Noon: Arrival near a lagoon. The diesel engine is switched off: no more CO2 in order to enter the protected nature area silently. On board, the 20 KW batteries power the kitchen and the plancha and are used to inflate diving bottles. The 44m2 on the Class 6 deck are ideal for relaxing. The XL rear skirts are the ideal playground for swimming.


5:00 pm: Back to the marina or mooring while recharging the batteries on the way like in the morning while leaving.



Length                                            63 ft / 19.12 m

Length at waterline                      62 ft / 18,96 m

Beam                                              31 ft / 9,05 m

Displacement Light                       11.5 T (including Engines Solution 1)

Payload                                          8 T

Headroom                                     2m

Water                                             211 gal to 396 gal / 800 l to 1500 l

Fuel                                                211 gal to 924 gal / 800 l to 3500 l

Warranty                                       5 years structure

3D Design                                      Trofimchouk

Designer                                        Denn Clifford

Naval Architect                              ST Yachts design

Concept                                          Dan Levy / Laurent Bourgnon


Option 1

Smart Diesel Electric (patent pending):

Starboard                                      1 Electric engine 15kw / Lithium 19 kWh Battery Bank + Charger

Portside                                         82hp Sole Diesel or 110hp Nanni

Performance                                 13kts max / 10kts cruising 1l/Mile


Option 2

OceanVolt Electric hybrid:

Starboard                                      1 Electric engine 15kw

Portside                                         1 Electric engine 15kw

Generator                                      Different solutions

Battery                                           Lithium 19 kWh Battery Bank

Solar panel                                    Minimum 5000W


For more information, visit: www.o-yachts.com


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