Friday, July 19, 2019
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New clever rope clutches for thinner lines


Slipping clutches are a common problem for sailors who changed to thinner and more high-tech halyards. Swedish Rutgerson is now launching two of their most popular clutches in a new version optimized for thinner lines without compromising on either hold or strength.

As modern lines are getting stronger, many boat owners are tempted to choose a thinner line dimension on their halyards. This often results in slipping clutches, which can have a large impact on the boat’s performance, forcing many boat owners to switch to smaller clutches with a lower working load than desired.

Swedish yacht equipment manufacturer Rutgerson has solved the boat owners’ dilemma by developing a new version of their most popular rope clutches RC75 and RC120, now optimized for thinner lines but with the same high working load as the original: 750 kg for the smaller model and 1200 kg for the larger.

The new clutches are fitted with the same integrated sheave as the standard version. It is unique on the market, makes line handling easier and protect the lines from wear.  They also have the same mounting plate, which facilitates installation when upgrading. On the smaller model, RC75, upgrading is even easier, all you have to do is replace the cam, which will be available as spare part.

The new RC75 is optimized for lines between 4-8 mm, compared to 8-12 mm on the standard version. While the new RC120 is adapted for 8-12 mm lines versus 10 . . .

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