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My Transatlantic Race, Route du Rhum 2010

By Etienne Giroire

My boat is a 40-foot trimaran, designed by Walter Greene from Yarmouth, ME. She is a strong, swift and seaworthy vessel that served me well in the 1992 OSTAR/single handed transatlantic race from Plymouth, England, to Newport, R.I., completed in 16 days, 6 hours and 45 minutes… a record that still stands.

I have entered the French single handed transatlantic race, the famous “Route du Rhum.” I am the only American in the race and at age 56, one of the oldest competitors. My class is the “Rhum” category, the only “Open” class of the race, where monohulls race boat-for-boat with multihulls, without handicap, just like the first edition of the Route du Rhum in 1978, won by Canadian Mike Birch, on the 40-foot trimaran Olympus, 98 seconds ahead of a 70-foot monohull, Kriter 5. This very close finish, after 23 days of racing, did a lot for the legend of the race.

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