Moving Forward… Two Hulls at a Time

New boat builder starts up in the BVI with an efficient power cat

Tortola, a famous jewel set in the sparkling British Virgin Islands, has not seen any production boat building for a long time. In the early 90’s production of the popular Tortola Dinghy ceased as charter companies started to use inflatable RIB dinghies instead. Both the island’s educational institution and the Jost Van Dykes Preservation Society do their best to keep wooden boat building and restoration alive, but the BVIs largely lack modern production boat building operations.

With the current trends in transportation engineering mostly revolving around fabricating fuel-efficient vehicles, an innovative team in the BVI is joining the trend by designing and building a one-of-a-kind, minimally consumptive power cat. In the heart of Road Town, in a small shed tucked away in the corner of the Tortola Yacht Services (TYS) yard, they are building the first Rodgers 29, a high-tech, lightweight power catamaran that the build team believes will bring an efficiency of motion and a breath of fresh air to the powerboat market.

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