Thursday, April 18, 2019
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McConaghy MC50 – First Sail Test Review

McConaghy MC50 catamaran Multihulls Magazine

It was a big day – with little wind. A typical scenario for a late Spring day in Palma de Mallorca. The crew of the very first McConaghy 50 was excited to hoist the sails on their new boat for the very first time. 

At 15 Tons fully loaded, the MC50 is by no means a racer, but what the crew was about to experience – no one would have anticipated. It was to be a very revealing day. 

Bow Down 

Our friends at McConaghy Multihulls Europe and their partners at Palma One had the boat well prepared and were looking forward to a good first test. 

The brand new aramid composite sails looked menacing and contributed to the already high-tech look of the MC50. Bending on new sails on a prototype yacht always involves more tweaking than one expects. 

Previous complications with the mast step geometry had been resolved and the brand new OneSails looked spectacular and no crinkle or fold could be detected. They seemed to give the boat a life of its own. 

Breeze was between 5 and 12 knots true, and the MC50 seemed to behave like a racehorse. Responsive to the lightest helm input and eager to accelerate in the slightest breeze. The Axxon fixed carbon mast, featuring a single spreader, supported the giant square top mainsail. 

After short tacking – easy with the self-tacking jib, the enormous Code-0 weapon was unfurled to see if the boat could actually sail faster than the . . .

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