Marlin 33 Trimaran

The Boat

“Black Marlin” is a 33-foot/10-meter full carbon trimaran. With the designer, boat builder and sailor Jan Andersen at the helm, the boat has won almost every line honor (first boat to finish) in the major Danish races. Among them is a series of victories in Silver Rudder, the world’s biggest single-hand sailing regatta (up to 450 boats competing).

But this boat is not only about racing. Jan has cruised extensively with his family in the magical fjords of Norway, in the beautiful archipelagos of Croatia, Sweden and Denmark and along the British coast. Read about the adventures HERE!

The high volume in the amas (side hulls) allow the boat to fly even the main hull above the waves for maximum speed and excitement. The design and volume of the amas also provide safety in strong winds, preventing nosedives. Two rudders allow full control in all wind and wave conditions.

The Marlin trimaran is perfectly designed and outfitted for single- and double-handed sailing, and at the same time there is enough space, even below decks, for team and family adventures. With this boat, you can win races and experience awesome cruising journeys – all with the same boat.

After years of testing, developing, racing, cruising, many upgrades and modifications, the concept of Marlin Trimarans is well proven. The boat is foldable and trailerable (2.54-meter beam) and can be towed behind a car. This provides the ultimate freedom to travel to the nicest inshore and offshore sailing areas.

The Marlin 33 trimaran has a kick-up centerboard, and even the rudders will flip up if you hit a rock or accidentally sail into too shallow waters. This prevents major damage, and brings peace of mind when you sail in archipelagos, fjords, rivers, and bays with shallow and tidal waters.

The headroom in the saloon is 195 cm / 6’4”, and 8 people can be seated at the table. The Marlin trimaran is quite simple to operate and can be sailed with one or two rudders in harbor maneuvers. The flat deck offers excellent visibility and overview while under sail.

Power for the electrical engine and other consumption on board is supplied by solar panels (450 watt), positioned on the rooftop. The carbon/epoxy construction makes the boat light and strong, fast and stable. With a total weight of only 1460 kg / 3219 lbs, the resistance in the water is minimal, and the boat is extremely lightly driven.

The Team

The team behind the Marlin trimaran packs a lot of experience and competence.

Jan Andersen (Denmark) is the designer, builder, and has sailed and developed the prototype, Black Marlin.

Roland Gaebler (Germany) is a professional sailor with a long and successful career in multihull sailing. Including an Olympic medal, multiple World- and European champion titles and many other great victories and records.

Jan Verroken (Belgium) is a composite expert with a lot of experience, lately from building the Brazapi and Barramundi catamarans, built at the same boat yard as the Marlins now are to be produced.

You can find more detailed information about the team HERE! 

 The Elica Yard

Sited at the river bank of the Danube river in Bulgaria, the Elica Shipyard will now start producing Marlin trimarans. The yard is managed by our team member Jan Verroken, and the facilities are modern and very well suited for the task:

  • 20,000 m², of which 15,000 m² are work and storage places.
  • 7-axis CNC Kuka Robots on rails to cut plugs
  • 3-axis CNC Kuka Robots for cutting flat plates
  • Full vacuum and compressor installation
  • Spare generators so vacuum resin-infusions
  • New floors with underfloor heating for constant temperature
  • Solar panels on the giant building for ecopower
  • Insulated walls and roof
  • Separately sections for painting
  • Seven rolling cranes, all around 10 tons

Yachts, especially catamarans, of all sizes are built here. And all necessary investments are done here to build in a high degree, especially in carbon infusion. They not only build carbon masts and booms, they also build extra light and structural furniture.

For unique items that require complicated machines, Elica Elevator, the parent company, is completely installed, has all the necessary personnel, the needed top-knowledge, and experience. High-quality level, at a reasonable cost! Check the website of the Elica Yard HERE!

photo: BlackMarlin_Race_11

 Welcome On Board!

The legendary “Black Marlin” 10-Meter full carbon trimaran is ready for test sailing sessions from April onwards in Denmark and Germany.

You can experience the multihull that has won the most line honors of open races in the last decade in the Baltic Sea.

Your questions are welcome! Please contact Roland via email: or visit:










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