Long Island 100 – A Custom Yacht Without Compromise…

The Long Island range follows on with this 100’ model. This catamaran really confirms the incredible capacity of these sailing yachts to respond to the wishes of the most demanding clients.

With established experience in the construction of very large catamarans, JFA Yachts continues its quest for perfection by proposing (once again in collaboration with the architect (Marc Lombard), a model without compromise, which offers elegance, performance and comfort.

Long Island, the range of large catamarans built by JFA represents the ultimate achievement of our design office with their 25 years of experience in producing cruising catamarans for customers who demand more and more space, light and functionality.

The challenge was to avoid compromising the performance while making sure the boat remained easy to handle.
The most appropriate use of building materials and simple yet reliable systems have enabled us to maintain an acceptable loaded displacement. Digital simulation analysis allowed us to optimize precisely the hull lines and the shape of the appendages.

The deck gear and the interior equipment have all been carefully selected on the basis of the best ratio quality/weight. The outcome is simple, efficient and seaworthy, benefiting from our depth of knowledge in the design of cruising multihulls that combine extreme comfort and high performance.

Marc Lombard – Naval architect

For more information, contact: jfa@jfa-yachts.com

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