KBS Coatings All-In-One Kit Offers Superior Rust Protection, Excellent Appearance and Ease of Use

KBS Coatings All-In-One Kit Offers Superior Rust Protection, Excellent Appearance and Ease of Use

The All-In-One Kit by KBS Coatings is the most effective rust and corrosion prevention system available for marine applications today. This DIY user-friendly All-Inclusive Kit consists of KBS Klean to clean surfaces, RustBlast to remove surface rust, RustSeal to seal metal against moisture, and KBS Top Coater for a beautiful, durable and permanent final finish which withstands dulling and fading caused by prolonged sunlight exposure.

RustSeal, a rust inhibitive and preventative paint, chemically bonds to metal, including rusted metal or any substrate, to form a flexible yet rock-hard, non-porous barrier that won’t crack chip, or peel. RustSeal works by isolating metal from moisture. Without moisture present, steel can’t rust. RustSeal is incredibly tough and extremely resistant to abrasion and impact. KBS Top Coater provides a final finish. This very-high solids paint does not run or sag and gives at least twice the coverage of conventional paints. Top Coater is available in 16 colors, including the popular KBS Camo Colors camouflage colors pallet. Of note, RustSeal is available in over 10 colors and provides a beautiful finish, that resembles a ceramic coat or powder coat, and can be used as a final finish for applications that won’t receive regular exposure to sunlight.

KBS Klean prepares a clean surface for your paint job and is a concentrated, water-based, biodegradable formula that is an excellent alternative to flammable solvents and hazardous chemicals. RustBlast is a powerful rust remover, zinc phosphate pre-primer, and metal etch.

RustBlast effectively dissolves rust, corrosion, metal oxides, and tarnish from most metal surfaces. With excellent spreadability, both RustSeal and KBS Top Coater provide a beautiful and smooth finish whether applied by brush, rolling or spraying. Both coatings flow out well without leaving brush marks. The kit also includes #1 Thinner which can be used to thin for spray applications and for clean-up.

KBS Coatings - All-In-One-Kit

The KBS Coatings All-In-One Kit will cover up to 50 sq. ft. (2 coats of RustSeal, 1-2 Coats of KBS Top Coater). For more information go to https://www.kbs-coatings.com/All-In-One-Kit.html or call (888) 531-4527.


About KBS Coatings

KBS Coatings was founded in the heartland of America by key personnel having collectively over 85 years of experience in material science formulation, manufacturing and distribution of coatings all around the world.


KBS Coatings growing success comes from its commitment to research, ability to evolve and innovate, high tech manufacturing and its revolutionary rust stopping products. The addition of never seen before colors of Safety Blue, Off-White, Oxide Red, Cat Yellow, Galvanized Steel and Green to our RustSeal paint pallete has led to the most advanced non-porous coating technology break-through others have yet to achieve.


Outstanding products and permanent results have placed KBS Coatings at the forefront of Rust Prevention Products, Gas Tank Sealers, Clear Coat Paints, Extreme Temperature Coatings and much more for literally thousands of different types of applications.


Our mission at KBS is simple — make it even better! Our promise to you is that our exclusive KBS product line will always keep pace with the latest technology and offer our customers revolutionary choices with uncompromised quality.

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