Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands is the place to visit when renting a catamaran in BVI

Meet Celebrities in the BVI

Morgan Freeman, Richard Branson, and Kenny Chesney are just some of the famous celebrities you can bump into at the beach bars on JVD when ordering a round of the popular “Painkillers” … Yes, It could happen! When and if it does, it will, undoubtedly, occur on Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands.

The Party Never Stops on Jost Van Dyke!

Ever vigilant, the islands’ residents, business owners, and regular visitors never actually left. Even the devastating hurricanes of 2017 didn’t deter the determined and fun-loving individuals from finding ways of rebuilding, welcoming guests and continuing to just enjoy life. Even now, with preparations underway as the territory readies itself for the start of this year’s hurricane season, “the party never really stops”, on Jost Van Dyke.

Boat Rentals are the # 1 Choice for Accommodations While Visiting Jost Van Dyke

Boat rentals on a catamaran are the # 1 choice of accommodations while visiting BVI due to luxury accommodations at affordable prices while floating on crystal clear waters. Jost Van Dyke is a lively, fun and interesting island with many fun things to do. Moorings are easy to come by but can get popular, so arrive early to secure your ball!

 The Catamaran Company in the BVI

The Catamaran Company in the BVI IS fortunate to visit Jost Van Dyke on a regular bases. With over 30 years of operating as a premier charter company in the BVI, we are the most updated when it comes to the latest itinerary advice when sailing in the British Virgin Islands.

 Soggy Dollar Bar

The Soggy Dollar Bar ( is open and continues to pour amazing drinks! It is quite possible that this world-famous establishment increased in popularity after the recent hurricanes; as it was feared, the secret original painkiller recipe had been lost or destroyed, or perhaps, it’s that ice cream is now on the menu?

 Hendo’s Hideout

In true island style and impossibly squeezed in next to the Soggy Dollar Bar is Hendo’s Hideout ( A somewhat recent addition to the White Bay beach bar scene. Hendo’s opened in 2016, and offers tasty food, served in a tropical atmosphere, that’s a good value and is not to miss

Meet Foxy!

The stories that Foxy tells and legendary bar that bears his name have grown in popularity since they first started serving salty sailors drinks at this establishment back in 1974 ( Nestled in the (East) corner of Great Harbour, Foxy’s, at times, has a large following and can be very popular on certain evenings. Get there early to reserve your mooring!


Fancy a game of pool? Rose’s is the place to play or, sit back and watch the action. You can also grab a quick snack or some other kind of salty sweet treat for those unexpected cravings.


Another community fixture on JVD, Corsairs (, is open and eager to receive guests. Stop in and visit, Vinnie, for a refreshing drink and enjoyable meal.

Provisioning for a few essential items for your catamaran rental and basic supplies is possible.  This, along with ice and a cold drink, can all be found at the fuel dock in Great Harbour. Come early as supplies are limited.


Rudy’s is slated to open next month ( July 2019) and is rumoured to offer a considerably more diverse grouping of groceries and provisions, not to be had elsewhere on the island. If food shopping is your thing, it’s the place to be on JVD.


Ivan’s and the campground have maintained a more diminutive status and not returned to its former glory. They certainly appreciate the patronage of guests stopping by for a drink. As they tend to be “stress-free”, the service is friendly and relaxed.

Foxy’s Taboo and Bubbly Pool

Located on the East end of Jost is, Foxy’s Taboo and the B-Line Bar located on Little Jost Van Dyke. Foxy’s Taboo is a great stop for lunch after a walk to, and a soak in, the bubbly pool. Or, if you prefer more nocturnal pursuits, live music by local artists and full moon parties are increasingly the norm here.

B-Line Beach Bar

Give Bonkie a visit at the B-Line Beach Bar ( on Little JVD for a cold drink or small local bite to eat. This little island oasis is full of charm. If you can catch him on the VHF, he will come and collect you with his boat at your yacht. Talk about service!

Quite simply, there is not enough time in a day to see and do all that JVD has to offer. So, why try? Rent a catamaran for a week and spend 2 days on Jost Van Dyke and enjoy the nightlife, hikes, snorkelling and beachcombing while aboard your catamaran rental with The Catamaran Company in BVI.

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