Introducing A New Farrier Racing Design

There had been interest over the past few years in a racing design specifically for the New Zealand 8.5 rule, which has seen good success Down Under. As a result I recently did a concept boat for the 8.5 rule, based on the F-82, and there was sufficient interest generated to where I decided it had to be made available.

In the past I have never designed to rules made by others, as I prefer to design a boat exactly how I like it. However, the 8.5 rule is a simple one, plus it limits rig size to where design and crew skills are more important than just brute power.

The F-82 is already a very good performer under the 8.5 rule (being competitive with larger and more race orientated boats) even though it also has a roomy cruising style cabin, so the F-82 makes a good starting point for the F-85SR. It will have longer hulls and a taller rig to fit the rule, a deeper daggerboard, and an optional cut down cabin, so it will be significantly faster again.

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