Hull-cleaning Innovation

The HULLTIMO Pro is a new, innovative robotic solution for in-water hull-cleaning. Designed for the professional market, the HULLTIMO Pro is mobile, easy-to-use and cost effective to allow more frequent hull cleaning. A single operator can now clean the hull of a 34’ boat in under 1½ hours, directly at a boat’s mooring and without the need for diving or haul-out.

In addition, the HULLTIMO Pro solution has been designed to respect the marine environment and meet today’s tougher marine pollution regulations. The cleaning operation is performed without the need for soap or chemical products. Any removed debris is collected in an integrated filter sac, which can be safely disposed of once the robot has been taken out of the water. Furthermore, the robot’s gentle cleaning action does not damage a boat’s hard anti-fouling paint, ensuring the coating lasts longer and reducing the overall boat maintenance budget.

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