Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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Ginger Snaps Recipe – Sweet Treats


As a kid, I spent summers on a small lake near our home in Michigan. And when the local sailing club offered a class for kids when I was 12, I quickly signed up. At the end of the six-week session, our instructor handed out certificates . . . and these wonderful cookies.

While I’ve long since forgotten his name, both the sailing lessons and the explanation of why these are “boat cookies” have stuck with me. His mother, he said, would make these cookies when they took their bigger boat out on Lake Michigan – ginger was a natural remedy for queasy tummies, the cookies were easy to make without an electric mixer and everybody loved them.

A few years later, when my Explorer Scout Post spent a weekend aboard a sailboat on Lake Huron, I suggested these cookies as an afternoon snack. It was my first experience baking in a moving kitchen and I quickly appreciated how easy they were to mix up. They were an instant hit!

Fast forward 20 years to our first charter trip, in the British Virgin Islands with our best friends. Once again, these cookies made an appearance – and having made them once, I had to make them several more times over the course of the week.

Four years later, it was our first night anchored out on our own boat. Want to guess what we munched on as we watched the most amazing display of stars?

Ginger Snaps

This recipe is easy . . .

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Carolyn Shearlock
Hi! I’m Carolyn Shearlock. My husband and I have been cruising over 12 years and 11,000 miles, first on a Tayana 37 monohull and now on a 34′ Gemini catamaran. Along the way, we sold pretty much everything we owned (twice!), gained a great boat dog, had a bunch of wonderful times and some adventures . . . and learned a ton about what does and doesn’t work!