Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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Gemini’s Complete Range of Use


By Capt Brian Brown

Evolution in the boating industry comes with a huge cost. Revamping existing models and developing totally new ones to stay current with boater’s needs costs millions of dollars in R&D and retooling. But at the upcoming 2019 Miami Boat Show, Gemini Catamarans is set to show one of the biggest evolutions in the industry – A complete range of catamarans all built on the same hull!

“A Complete Range of Use” is the expression that keeps popping up at Gemini Catamaran’s headquarters. It’s an ideology that is putting Gemini at the forefront of giving owners what they need in their cockpit. It has allowed Gemini to be the only market leader in this area. But what exactly is a “Range of Use”?

Gemini’s range of use provides buyers with the creature comforts they cannot find on any other boat—both power and sail—under 40’. But it also opens up hundreds of different cockpit applications—both in the commercial and pleasure ends of boating. This new line allows the entire range to sport flexible and convertible deck layouts for power, sail, day charter, ferry, houseboat, mobile office or even AirBNB! This is possible only on their tried and true catamaran hull due to its stability.

Thirty-eight years ago Gemini Catamarans sold its first cat. Since then, Gemini’s cats have circled the globe logging hundreds of thousands of miles. There is a long history with Gemini Catamarans, but with the . . .

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