Saturday, October 19, 2019
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Gemini Studio


Yacht Review

By Captain Brian

Gemini Catamaran Studio Model—

Guaranteed Water View in a Luxury Floating Apartment!

Imagine having almost the same square footage as a small apartment in NYC and you’ll imagine Gemini Catamaran’s new boat, the Studio. It’s just about as luxurious as well. With almost 750 square feet of living space and sundeck, supported by a 14’ wide beam, just about anyone can make the Studio into a house boat, floating office, family powerboat, AirBNB rental, marina hotel room, guest cottage – just let your imagination run wild. Complete flexibility in the boat’s layout is the key to its success at a totally affordable price.

The extended range of use is the epitome of versatility with the Studio. Here’s some ways people will use it. Monday thru Friday the Studio can be at your dock, but on the weekend you can motor out to your favorite spot on the lake. Or…marina’s that have empty slips can lease the Studio on a day, week or monthly basis…for a lot of money. There are hundreds of applications for this boat.

The Studio’s interior and exterior customization is what makes it “home” for its buyers. With three zones and 42,000 BTUs of A/C, even the hottest muggiest days on the water will be cool. The Studio sports so many other features like a top-of-the-line 4.5-watt generator, great ventilation, a massive sliding door for easy entrance . . .

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