First Sail of the Alibi 53

text and photos by Gregor Tarjan

Now, where do I start? Should it be the large number of multihulls that I am currently looking at, or the fact that I have just stepped off the Alibi 53 – one of the most astonishing sailing catamarans that I have ever sailed on?

Ok, so let me give you the backdrop: Sitting 23 stories high next to the giant hotel windows overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, the brand new, state-of-the-art Ocean Marina houses over 100 sailing and motor yachts. Amazingly, nearly 25% of them are multihulls. This is a startling number of cats and tris by any standard. Is seems that Asian countries are less burdened by traditional yachting concepts (they simply never had them) and are embracing new ideas, such as the multihull, much faster than us Westerners. In fact, more Thai juniors are learning to sail on beach cats than on more conservative monos, such as the classic Optis, Lasers or 505s.

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