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Chartering in Long Island Sound

Everyone knows about yacht chartering in far away, warm destinations, but how about doing it closer to home? Having done charters myself all over the world, including Thailand, Turkey, the Seychelles, and been a regular in the British Virgin Islands, I know that airfare adds significant cost to what can already be a rather expensive vacation. It was time I thought to bring the beauty of a sailing holiday a little closer.

The Long Island Sound is something of a hidden gem for sailors. The water is certainly not tropical blue but it does get pretty warm in the summer months; it may not have steady trade winds but the afternoon sea breeze is pretty reliable and if you get the tides right you can get a helpful push to where you are going. The Sound runs east from New York City for over 100 miles and ends at Montauk Point. Unless there is a strong easterly wind blowing (rare in the summer) the waters are well sheltered and not subject to ocean swells. Along both shores are a series of pretty harbors and inlets. On the Connecticut side, there are several rivers that are navigable well upstream even in a deep draft boat.

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