Monday, May 20, 2019
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Farrier Marine Sells to Daedalis Yachts


Kiwi Sailing Legacy To Live On Through Production On Both Sides Of The World

 New Zealand trimaran company Farrier Marine Group, famous for cutting-edge design and speed, is about to expand through its sale to American company Daedalus Composites.

The original Farrier design changed the sailing world and is a member of the US Sailboat Hall of Fame. Farrier Marine is best known for its F-22, a folding trimaran designed by company founder Ian Farrier.

The new generation F-22 is crafted in Christchurch and shipped all over the world. Discussions of a production partnership began three years ago between Ian Farrier and Michael Reardon, CEO of Daedalus Yachts, based in Edenton, North Carolina, USA.

“Ian and I reached a deal in principle just before his sudden and untimely death in December 2017,” says Michael.

“Those talks then evolved into an outright purchase of the brand and assets, which will continue to be managed from Christchurch by Rob Densem, General Manager of Farrier Marine.

“I have huge respect for Farrier yachts, for Ian Farrier and his 40-year history of designing multihulls. Early designs such as the Trailer Tris of the late 1970s were revolutionary. His 18-foot design was put into production in the USA and Australia, where it won Australian Boat of the Year in 1981. Through his design collaborations with production builders, custom builders and his own companies, Ian was responsible for more than 3000 sailing multihulls afloat today. His designs . . .

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