Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Expedition Catamarans: Why are they increasing in popularity?


Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing, founded in 1989 and based in Cape Town, South Africa, is a manufacturer of both custom sail and power catamarans. Not only do they manufacturer the highly customizable 23-46 foot Magnum Power Catamaran Range,  Two Oceans Marine is also one of the few large custom multihull manufacturers in the world, with a range currently between 47 and 110 foot, and the ability to manufacture even larger vessels.

Two Oceans Marine’s large custom sailing catamaran range launched to date includes the M60 Full Carbon High Performance Sailing Catamaran, various versions of the Open Ocean 650 and 750 Luxury Cruising Catamarans, and the Balance 760 Performance Cruising Catamaran. They have also launched a 69-foot day charter sailing catamaran, with another 70-footer in build and due for launch this year is the exciting carbon Two Oceans HPC 82 High Performance Catamaran

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