Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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Eight Bells for Master Multihull Builder Bill Shuman


William Henry Shuman III, born July 7, 1951, died August 22, 2019.

Born in Nashua, NH, Bill spent his childhood in Milford, NH and summers in Wells, ME. After a year of college his adventurous and restless nature compelled him to ride a motorcycle to Florida, where he worked on a shrimp boat.

Boats seemed to be his calling and Bill attended the Boat School in Lubec, Maine from 1972-1975. For the rest of his life, wherever Bill lived, he built a boat, often moving to new places just to set up shop and start another one.

He established a boat shop in Wells where he completed several boats of distinction, among them a sprit rigged ketch and a skiff for the USS Constitution in Boston Harbor. In the early 80s he began building the multihull sailboats for which he eventually became well known. He was inspired by boat designer Chris White, who designed all Bill’s multihulls except his final power catamaran Hero. Bill’s early boats were 20- and 21-foot trimarans. Next was the 46’ catamaran, Bearcat. In the later 80s and 90s all his boats’ names began with H: Hurricane (cat), Hopscotch (tri), Hammerhead (54’ tri) and Heron (64’ cat).

In the 2000s he built his final masterpiece: the 64’ power catamaran, Hero. Bill was a gifted boatbuilder. He built his crafts entirely on his own, hiring out precious few jobs . . .

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