Dill Pickle Dip Recipe

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By Carolyn Shearlock

This is an absolutely wonderful appetizer for hot days! I’m not normally a big fan of dill pickles, and yet I find it perfectly hits the spot on those sweltering days . . . and considering that there’s never any left when I take it to a potluck, I think others also like it!

I got the idea after someone made wonderful dill pickle rolls (slice of ham, spread with cream cheese, then place a dill pickle on top and roll up, then cut into 1/4″ slices) and wanted the same flavor but with a lot less work.

Dill Pickle Dip

Prep Time: 10 mins

Total Time: 10 mins

Delicious summertime dip — totally hits the spot on sweltering days

Course: Appetizers & Snacks

Cuisine: American, Gluten-Free, Keto/LCHF

Servings: 8 people

Calories: 134 kcal


  • ½ cup dill pickle relish
  • 8 ounces soft cream cheese
  • ½ teaspoon garlic power if pickle relish does not have garlic
  • 1 6- ounce can ham drained and broken


  1. Mix dill pickle relish, cream cheese and garlic thoroughly, then mix in ham chunks. Place in serving container.
  2. Good served with Triscuits, pretzel sticks and pita chips – the dip is fairly thick so dipping items need to be sturdy.

Notes, Substitutions and Variations

Can be made ahead and refrigerated – also refrigerate any leftovers (if there are any)!


  • Chop dill pickles if dill relish is not available
  • Add a bit of mayonnaise, sour cream, milk or dill pickle juice if dip is too thick
  • Substitute sour cream for the cream cheese
  • Small cans of ham – about the size of tuna cans – can generally be found near the tuna. You can also use roughly chopped deli ham – or leftover baked ham.
  • Substitute a can of drained tuna (or smoked tuna) for the ham – be careful to mix in gently so it doesn’t turn to mush
  • Omit the meat for a vegetarian version

Keto/LCHF in moderation – 5g carbs per portion (1/8 of total)


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