Digital Yacht America introduce new iKonvert NMEA 2000 Gateway

Digital Yacht recently launched iKonvert, a new NMEA 2000/0183 bi-directional interface designed to make interfacing new and old devices in your boat’s electronic system possible. It allows older, legacy NMEA 0183 instruments to work with modern multi function displays, which now almost exclusively utilize NMEA 2000. It can also allow new chart plotters to provide data to older VHF radios, autopilot or instrument displays.

It’s often frustrating for a boat owner to have to change a complete system when just one component requires updating. iKonvert resolves a lot of these issues.

Installation is simple. It’s self-powered from the boat’s NMEA 2000 backbone and simply “T’s” into the network.

iKonvert is also available with a USB interface to allow NMEA 2000 connections to a PC, MAC or even Raspberry Pi. Electronic chart plotting programs on these devices can then take advantage of data from your latest electronic on board systems.

Both versions are priced at $189.95 and are available now. More information at: or telephone 978-277-1234.

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